ASHRAE Building Label

    ASHRAE Recently Unveiled a New Scheme
    A Building Performance Label it Does Seem

       Like an MPG for Your Car
       Others Will See From Afar

    If Your Energy Quotient is Low or

Commissioning "V" Model

    We Adopted a Map from Major Industry
    A Concept Map in the Shape of a “V”

       It’s a Good Illustration
       To Help with Translation

    And a Perspective Without the

Better Buildings Initiative

    Our President Launched a New Initiative
    To Help Building Owners be More Effective

       Diverting Subsidies from Big Oil
       And Funding Projects on our Soil

    For Building Ops with an Energy

Commission for Success

    Commission Your Project for Success
    Substitute the Brut Force with Finesse

       When Your Project is Done
       Hearts & Minds will be Won

    With a Budget that Bore No

Boost Your Building

    Give Your Building a Boost with Retro
    Commissioning that Helps it To Go

       Maximize its Performance
       For Your Staff Endurance

    And Have Lots of Savings to

The Building Whisperer

    Kostner with Wolves and Redford the Horse
    Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer of Course

       When your Building is Acting Eccentric
       An Engineering and Wisdom Diametric

    Are the Marks of a Building Whisperer

A Simple Process

    The Skills of a Commissioning Authority
    Make Quality of the Highest Priority

       A Process is Effected
       So that Nothing is Neglected

    And Your Building Ranks in the

Building Tune-Up

    We Cut Jobs for Business Endurance
    And Struggle for Budget Conformance

       But Seldom We Ponder
       The Money We Squander

    If Buildings Have Sub-par

ISO 50001

    There Once Was a Standards Organization
    Who Built an Energy Management Foundation

       That Organizations Can Deploy
       For Profit That They Will Enjoy

    And Pursue Our Global Warming

Performance Training

 In December our President Signed into Law
 A Bill to Fix Imperfections that Many Foresaw

    It Provides Education
    To Spur Propagation

 Of Building Performance Without Any

Use Resource with Care

    We Pollute the Earth With CO2
    Most Per Person, That Would Be You

       To Reduce Your Share
       Use Resource with Care

    And Get Your Building A Good

LEED Commissioning

    When Commissioning Is Required for LEED
    Owner’s Reps Need to Act with Some Speed

       To Hire a Firm
       Design Intent They Affirm

    Match Requirements the Owner Does

Building Check-Up

    When Your Systems Don't Work For You
    And Your Not Sure The Best Thing To Do

       Our Results Will Make Sense
       Without Too Much Expense

    Or Interests That Will Lead You

Building Star

    Senators Launched a Bill Dubbed Building Star
    To Increase Building Energy Efficiency By Far

       It’s the Funding You Need
       To Act With Some Speed

    To Get Your Operating Expenses on