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 In December our President Signed into Law
 A Bill to Fix Imperfections that Many Foresaw

    It Provides Education
    To Spur Propagation

 Of Building Performance Without Any Flaw


Obama Signs Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act


President Obama recently signed into law the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act of 2010, legislation created with the support of and input from industry groups such as the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).  This bipartisan legislation will promote best practices, including water efficiency, in all federal buildings.

This legislation requires U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) to categorize core competencies that both federal personnel and contractors must maintain in all federal buildings.  The legislation also directs GSA to work with professional societies, industry associations and apprenticeship training providers to ensure the federal government's personnel meet the required competencies.

While we applaud and support this legislation, we also recognize that every building is unique and that the experiences and knowledge base of their operations staff is similarly distinctive.  The most effective training for the peculiarities of any building takes place during the start-up and testing of the building systems.  A well designed and executed commissioning process exploits this truism.  It mandates and manages a training process that:

  • Involves the operations staff in the systems testing phase
  • Reviews training agenda’s, hand-outs, and trainer qualifications
  • Coordinates and schedules effective training sessions
  • Encourages video or other records of formal training sessions
  • Assures accurate and accessible project documentation
  • Prepares the methods to monitor and improve building performance
  • As the sponsor of the Senate Bill said "You wouldn't give a race car to an inexperienced driver and expect them to win the Indy 500.  In the same way, we can't expect our federal buildings to run at peak efficiency if we don't provide our personnel with the training required to make that happen."

    Building systems are increasingly complex and require a knowledgeable staff to consistently monitor and improve facility performance.  Training is one of the essential attributes that help to assure optimal building performance.

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