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    ASHRAE Recently Unveiled a New Scheme
    A Building Performance Label it Does Seem

       Like an MPG for Your Car
       Others Will See From Afar

    If Your Energy Quotient is Low or Extreme


Building Energy Labeling Program Launched by ASHRAE


Whether concerned about rising costs, the marketability of the property, or company image, a building’s energy use is increasingly at the forefront of an owner or tenant’s mind.     Through a technically sound yet easily understood program, ASHRAE’s Building EQ provides you the information and resources to understand your building’s energy use and make informed decisions on the actions that make the most sense for you.

With information on both the design intent and the actual energy use, Building EQ can help inform investments in equipment upgrades, re-commissioning or retro- commissioning, and operations and maintenance.

We believe ASHRAE’s Building EQ has the potential to become a nationally recognized program for mandatory Building Energy Use Disclosure.    Building Energy Use Disclosure is already mandatory in California; Washington, D.C.; Austin, Texas; Washington State; the European Union; and Australia.

Improving energy efficiency is one of the most constructive and cost-effective ways to address the challenges of escalating energy prices, energy security, air pollution, and global climate change.   Innovative Facility Solutions, Inc. can be an effective partner to help you achieve Energy Efficiency in your buildings

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