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  Give Your Building a Boost with Retro
  Commissioning that Helps it To Go

      Maximize its Performance
      For Your Staff Endurance

  And Have Lots of Savings to Show

"In the area of Energy Efficiency in Buildings, there is a lot of low hanging fruit.  In fact, I'm fond of saying there is a lot of fruit on the ground ....."         -- Dr. Steven Chu - US Sec of Energy  
  "30% of energy use in buildings is used inefficiently"         -- US Environmental Protection Agency

Retrospective Commissioning is the proven method to re-establish top performance of your buildings. With less than a 2-yr payback, Retrospective Commissioning can yield:

  • Reduce Utility Costs
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Lower Carbon Footprint
  • Improve System Operation & Performance
  • Extend Equipment Life
  • Increase O&M Staff Capabilities
  • Increase Asset Value
  • Protect Against Future Liability
  • Reduce Equipment Repair & Maintenance Costs
  • Improve Building Documentation

  • Innovative Facility Solutions, Inc. can be an effective partner to help you achieve top performing buildings and begin preparation for both the carbon emission and building performance labeling legislative initiatives.  Our expertise in building systems and building operations is complemented by our drive to have an acute understanding of your business goals.

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