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    When your Building is Acting Eccentric
    An Engineering and Wisdom Diametric

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We Rehabilitate Building Systems, We Train People


Like people, all buildings have some level of eccentricity.   They all have their quirks, operating deficiencies, and operating staff idiosyncrasies.   Most of these peculiarities go unnoticed until their effects on Business Operations raise awareness that demands attention.

The prevalent modus operandi is routine maintenance by either in-house staff or outsource.   While this is good practice, it does not treat the idiosyncrasies.   Today’s economic environment has escalated the competitive forces and time pressures on both outsource and in-house maintenance resources.   These restraining factors result in temporary fixes to chronic deficiencies, deferred maintenance, deferred training, and other means that either postpone remediation or exacerbate the problems.

Furthermore, routine maintenance is often performed as a preventive measure and, by definition, not aimed at improving operational efficiencies.  Over time, the operational intent of building systems and opportunities for efficiency enhancements disappear.  The temporary fixes become the norm and, in fact, tend to build on themselves so that the original operating intent and buildings performance are totally obscured.

Enter the Building Whisperer ………………….

The Building Whisperer uses a process known as Retrospective Commissioning to forensically re-build the operational intent of the facility.   They identify deficiencies, prescribe remedial solutions, develop operational benchmarks, train staff, and implement operational practices designed for top performance and continuous improvement.   In short, they help to curb your buildings eccentricities and improve its performance.

Studies have shown that Retrospective Commissioning typically reduces a building’s energy consumption by 5% - 15% while:

  • Improving Occupant Productivity
  • Increasing Asset Value
  • Lowering Carbon Footprint
  • Protecting Against Future Liability
  • Extending Equipment Life
  • Reducing Equipment Repair Costs
  • Unlike Wolves, Horses, and Dogs; buildings are inanimate objects. As such, engineering, physics, and experience are the tools available to The Building Whisperer.   But even the best tools require a skilled craftsman to be effective.   Building Whisperers use their people and communication skills to extract the hidden gems of information that are often buried within the minds of the occupants and operations staff.   They combine technical acumen and people skills to unlock the potential of your facility.

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