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Building commissioning provides documented confirmation that building systems function according to criteria set forth in the project documents to satisfy the owner's operational needs.  Commissioning provides a quality control check, from project inception through the installation and operation of energy-efficient equipment.
 Reduction of Change Orders, Additional Claims, and Design Changes
 Fewer Project Delays
 Shorter Hand-Off
 Fewer Contractor Call-Backs
 Improved Indoor Air Quality
 Lower Operations and Energy Costs
 Complete and Useful Documentation

Retro-commissioning is a collaborative process that looks at how and why a building’s systems are operated and maintained as they are, and then employs a systematic process for investigating, analyzing, and optimizing the performance of building systems.  As a process, rather than a set of prescriptive measures, retro-commissioning adapts to meet the specific needs of each owner.
 Reduce Utility Costs
 Improve System Operation & Performance
 Extend Equipment Life
 Increase O&M Staff Capabilities
 Increase Asset Value
 Protect Against Future Liability
 Reduce Equip Repair & Replacement Costs
 Improve Indoor Environmental Quality
 Improve Building Documentation

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