We are professionals applying years of experience to assist owners, engineers, construction managers, and building contractors to operate facilities more effectively.   We add value during the planning, construction, start-up/commissioning, and ongoing operation with our expertise in HVAC, automation, and other building infrastructure systems.

With specialties in critical environments such as laboratories, manufacturing, hospitals, and regulated environments; our methodical approach to problem solving and system commissioning will ensure that your building systems operate as designed; and that owners have both the tools and the training to maintain and enhance the facility operation.

Solving problems is the "Back-End" of our value chain.  By involving our firm in the "Front-End" planning, Innovative Facilities Solutions will prevent problems from occurring - allowing for smoother, more cost effective, and on-time project delivery.

We operate independently of the design engineering community, contractors, and system integrators.  As such, we are uniquely positioned to work with your project team in a collaborative environment; sharing our expertise and experience with those of the project team to produce outstanding results.

Our goal is to facilitate well run buildings that utilize the appropriate technology as an accelerator to achieve your objectives. We are ..............................