Retrospective Commissioning

Underperforming buildings result from a variety of reasons that can usually be corrected at a modest cost, with a less than two-year payback.  Successful building performance enhancement projects range in cost from $0.18 to $0.50 per square foot and are approached with a proven, quality oriented methodology known as Retrospective Commissioning

Buildings can be complex. The elaborate interactions of automated building systems, the building occupants, and the building operations staff can easily go awry.  A temporary solution or inadvertent change to one system can compound itself to another.  Inefficiencies and premature equipment failures result from misunderstandings of how systems are intended to operate.   Preventive maintenance, although an essential building operations function, is an equipment level task that does not set and confirm operation of systems against either their intended operation or their performance baselines.

The Retrospective Commissioning methodology is elegant in its simplicity and holistic in its scope.  Benefits include:

 Reduce Utility Costs

 Improve System Operation & Performance

 Extend Equipment Life

 Increase O&M Staff Capabilities

 Increase Asset Value

 Protect Against Future Liability

 Reduce Equipment Repair & Replacement Costs

 Improve Indoor Environmental Quality

 Improve Building Documentation

Innovative Facility Solutions, Inc. can be an effective partner to help you achieve a top performing buildings and begin preparation for both the carbon emission and building performance labeling legislative initiatives.  Our expertise in building systems and building operations is complemented by our drive to have an acute understanding of your business goals.  Invite us to improve your Building Systems @ Work.

U.S. Secretary of Energy - Dr. Steven Chu
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Energy Star Program