The Commissioning activities during the Start-Up Phase include:
  • Confirm Availability of Product Data Sheets, IOM’s, & Other Reference Materials
  • Execute & Review Field Installation Verification Protocols
  • Execute & Review Manufacturer’s Start-Up Procedures
  • Execute & Review Test, Adjust & Balance
  • Remediate any Findings
  • Field Installation Verification Test Protocols

    Field Installation Verification (FIV) protocols are primarily static inspection checklists and procedures to prepare the equipment or system for initial operation (e.g., oil levels OK, fan belt tension, labels affixed, gages in place, sensor calibration, etc.).  However, some checklist items entail simple testing of the function of a component, a piece of equipment or system (such as measuring the voltage imbalance on a three phase motor).  FIV checklists augment and may be combined with manufacturer’s start-up checklists (SCL).  

    The purpose of Filed Installation Verification (FIV) is to ensure that the equipment and systems are installed, connected, operational, configured, documented, etc. and that Operational Performance Testing (OPT) may proceed without unnecessary delays

    Documentation Confirmation

    Prior to execution of the Field Installation Verification test protocols, the Commissioning Authority confirms that the reference documentation needed to execute the tests is available.  Reference documentation my include Equipment Data Sheets, Shop Drawings, Performance Data, Installation Manuals, etc.  The purpose of this confirmation is to help expedite the verification process by having reference information at hand.

    Execute & Review Field Installation Verification Protocols

    The contractor executes the Field Installation Verification (FIV) test protocols in preparation for equipment start-up.  In some cases (such as pipe flushing, pressure testing, filling/bleeding), certain tests have been completed as a normal course of installation.  It is good practice to document these tests and attach the documentation to the FIV protocols.

    Execute & Review Manufacturer’s Start-Up Procedures

    After the installation has been verified, the contractor executes a start-up of the equipment following the manufacturers recommended start-up procedures and documents this action by completing the manufacturers start-up checklist (if provided in the Installation Manual).  This documentation is attached to the FIV protocol.

    Execute & Review Test, Adjust & Balance

    The Field Installation Verification and Start-Up procedures are executed for each piece of equipment.  Building “Systems” are typically comprised of several pieces of equipment that are integrated to provide one or more of the required building functions.  The process moves to Test, Adjust and Balance (TAB) when all pieces of equipment for a particular Building “System” have successfully completed the Field Installation Verification and Equipment Start-Up.  The TAB report is reviewed by the Commissioning Authority.

    Remediate any Findings

    The Commissioning Authority will be available to answer any questions or address issues that arise during the FIV and start-up.  Although the CxA may or may not witness all or part of the testing, they are involved in facilitating resolution of deficiencies that may be uncovered during the test execution.  The contractors submit the completed FIV test documents to the CxA for review and inclusion in the Commissioning Summary Report.