The elements of Design Phase Commissioning are::
  • Conduct Design Reviews
  • Prepare and/or Review Commissioning Specifications
  • Develop the Commissioning Plan
  • Conduct Design Reviews

    The Commissioning Authority compares the design with the interests and needs of Owner as identified in the Owner’s Project Requirements.  Any improvements that can be made in areas such as energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, operations & maintenance, etc. are noted.  Though the Commissioning Authority is responsible for reviewing the design from a commissioning perspective, the Commissioning Authority is not responsible for design concepts, design criteria or compliance with local, State and Federal Codes.  The Commissioning Authority does not approve the design, but makes recommendations to facilitate commissioning and improve building performance.

    Prepare and/or Review Commissioning Specifications

    Before the 95% Construction Document review, the Commissioning Authority facilitates the development of commissioning specifications into the design.  Commissioning specifications define the contractors’ commissioning-related responsibilities, including equipment installation and start-up, documentation, and testing. Including specifications in the contract documents ensure that the contractors are aware of their responsibilities and are afforded the opportunity to include the costs of commissioning related activities in their delivery schedule and project pricing.  Conversely, the owner also is afforded the opportunity to tie payment schedules and other contract language to the to the commissioning activities.

    Establishing Commissioning as an integral component of new building construction at the project inception yields the maximum value to the project.  Since commissioning is only now becoming mainstream component in the new building construction process, this truism is often only understood once an owner has completed a project that incorporated commissioning as an integral project component.

    Develop the Commissioning Plan

    The Commissioning Plan is a comprehensive document that defines the project’s commissioning activities, schedule, documentation requirements, deliverables, and the roles and responsibilities of team members.  This document is drafted during the design development and finalized at the onset of the project construction phase.

    For additional information, see our White Paper, "BUILDING COMMISSIONING - The Early Project Phases"