The Basis of Design (BOD) is developed by the A/E early in the Design Stage based on Owner’s Project Requirements. It is the primary document that translates Owner’s and the user’s needs into building components such as HVAC systems, building envelope, security systems, building automation system, etc. The BOD describes the technical approach planned for the project as well as the design parameters to be used and the assumptions made for sizing and selection of systems (i.e. codes, standards, operating conditions, design conditions, weather data, interior environmental criteria, other pertinent design assumptions, etc.).  The BOD is typically developed by the A/E and done in technical terms, whereas the Owner’s Project Requirements are developed by Owner and User and expressed in layman’s terms.

The Commissioning Authority reviews the Basis of Design against the Owner Project Requirements and provides insight and comment.

For additional information, see our White Paper, "BUILDING COMMISSIONING - The Early Project Phases"