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We Adopted a Map from Major Industry
A Concept Map in the Shape of a “V”

   It’s a Good Illustration
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And a Perspective Without the Amenity


The Commissioning "V" Model


Some say a picture is worth a thousand words.  This is no doubt a truism in artistic endeavors, but it is also an invaluable aid for explaining concepts.

The “V” Model is a concept diagram that is often used in quality processes for both regulatory compliance in the life-science industry and quality control in the software development industry.

Building Commissioning is a quality-oriented process of insuring the owner is delivered a project that meets their needs and provides the tools and information to operate and maintain the building.  We’ve taken the “V” Model from the lifesciences industry's quality system and adopted it to serve as a visual aid for the Building Commissioning Quality Process

Here’s how it works ……………………………..

The elements on the left side of the “V” are the high-level quality steps that are executed during the project development phases.  Those on the right side of the “V” are the test steps that verify that the essential features of the project meet the requirements that were stated in the development phase.

Commissioning 'V'-Model

A Larger Interactive Version of the Commissioning “V” Model is available on our website.

Building Commissioning is one of the most effective tools you can use to assure the success of your project.   Innovative Facility Solutions, Inc. will be an effective partner in achieving your project goals.

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